About us

“For someone who is used to always look ahead to the future, to follow companies’ innovation, in a way participating in their adventure in the market, it is quite difficult to reflect back on the path we have travelled in the past 30 years”
E. Bonini

Studio Bonini was established in 1980 in Vicenza, as a result of the intuition and enthusiasm of Ercole Bonini. Since then, over 4500 companies have placed their trust and confidence in Studio Bonini, which progressively expanded its operations over time and now covers every aspect connected with the protection of industrial property.

Studio Bonini provides all-around services for the valorisation and protection of intellectual property, such as patent drafting, trademark filing, design and copyright protection, legal assistance, licences, as well as training for companies wishing to innovate their products.

Over the years, Ercole Bonini was joined by both his sons and other professionals with various specialisations, providing a comprehensive consultancy service through focused, customised specialist support.

Our values

“We deeply care about fostering an innovative mindset and we desire to support our clients to help them achieve the best results.”
E. Bonini

Our foundational values are:


Highly specialised professionals, who constantly maintain their knowledge up to date on the most recent regulations and work procedures, International presence through participation in national meetings Customer support through training and strategic advisory services


Protection of innovation at the highest possible level, with unique, customised solutions.


Guaranteed compliance with the confidentiality agreement by all Studio Bonini personnel


Direct, constant contact with clients in the implementation of their business projects.

Collaborations and partnerships

In more than 30 years of activity, Studio Bonini has established consolidated partnerships throughout the world, assuring very high quality levels irrespective of the involved countries.