Our services


“My hobby horse, if I may use this expression, is to ensure that innovative companies are aware of the fact that they hold an enormous potential and that they must obtain all the instruments they need to let their innovations be known to the world while fully protecting them”
E. Bonini

Registering a trademark, filing a patent, protecting a design or know-how, are fairly simple activities from the procedural standpoint. By now, those who manage or work in our companies are well aware that, rather than procedures, these activities are veritable business projects.

They entail specific paths, implying the definition of customized strategies to protect intellectual property while trying to exploit to the fullest the opportunities offered by the market, thanks to its uniqueness. This uniqueness has to be demonstrated and correctly described and it represents a concrete value, not only in commercial but also in fiscal terms.

To be up to this task, an Intellectual Property consultant must have not only competence but also a great deal of expertise, stemming from the quantity and variety of cases (s)he handled.

It is not merely a matter of compiling documents and calculating the amounts of duties to be paid to the governmental agency, but rather of assessing all the opportunities, along with the threats, the unexpected events (which may lead to long and costly litigation) and finding the most secure, most cost-efficient solutions for each client.

Studio Bonini has operated in this way for nearly forty years, assisting companies in the path to valorisation of their innovation through the instruments of intellectual property. .

The main services provided by our Firm are:

  • Patent filing
  • Trademark registration
  • Design
  • Copyright
  • Legal assistance and Licensing
  • Training
  • Valorisation of intangible assets
  • Request for loans and facilitated financing
  • Watch service

After an initial contact with the client company, Studio Bonini proposes:

  • Audit to collect information/needs (check) to define a project
  • Identification of necessary services
  • Definition of the advisory project
  • Monitoring of the advisory process