“ …today, however, companies are forced to move with a more wide-ranging action: the market has no borders anymore, it has become worldwide, and the patent is required as an essential condition to be competitive”
E. Bonini

The Patent is the right instrument to protect your innovation and defend yourself against those who try to copy it.

To path to follow for the protection of a patent is:

  • application,
  • filing,
  • grant,
  • exploitation

Filing a patent is a simple procedure: it merely requires visiting the local Chamber of Commerce and delivering its text, paying the required duties or depositing them electronically.

What is in fact challenging, however, and what will make the difference in the future utilization of the patent, is to write it well. A poorly written patent is unlikely to be granted, and it will certainly be cancelled at the first dispute, failing to fulfil its purpose of protecting the innovation of the company that deposited it. This is why Studio Bonini makes its professionals available to entrepreneurs: to ensure that the patent is a useful and valuable instrument, and not merely a piece of paper.