Of all creative work produced by mankind everywhere, a small part has commercial value. For that small part, copyright is a crucially important legal instrument
Lawrence Lessig

Copyright is the “Author’s Right” that is recognised to products of human ingenuity that are creative in nature and that belongs to literature, music, drawing, theatre, photography, film-making or the arts.

To path to follow for the protection of copyright is:

  • study,
  • deposit,
  • exploitation

La protezione del Copyright dura per tutta la vita dell’autore e prosegue per 70 anni dopo la sua morte.

Copyright protection lasts for the author’s life time and continues for 70 years after his/her death.

Copyright is recognised in all major Countries in the world, after registration in only one of them, without additional expenses and obligations, as a result of the Berne Convention

The experience gained over nearly forty years of operation allows Studio Bonini personnel to study each individual case in the most appropriate way, enabling them to advise not just the best protection, but also how to best benefit from that “small part” of each product of human ingenuity that also has commercial value.