It is true, in fact, that we Italians have developed a taste in shapes that the whole world envies (and copies…).
E. Bonini

The Design or model protects the appearance of a product, i.e. its lines, contours, colours, shape, and not its functionality.

To path to follow for the protection of a design is:

  • study of the product,
  • deposit,
  • registration
  • exploitation

When a client asks for our advice on the deposit of a design, our approach is to push him to immediately seek, measure and protect the originality that is mandatory to certify its exclusiveness (uniqueness).

The combination of creativity is what turns a beautiful product into a “design product”. For most Italians, a taste for shapes, proportions, material combinations is innate because it is a part of our culture of beauty. Our enlightened entrepreneurs are the heirs of the Renaissance artists: beauty is in our DNA and that is why the whole world wants products created by Italians or selected among the many that are inspired by Italian taste. For this reason, the temptation to show the fruit of so much ability to the whole world becomes irresistible and often necessary to be “the first” on the market.

In this case, our duty as advisors is to guide entrepreneurs in selecting the correct ways and times to protect their works, without hampering their widespread adoption in the market.