It could be said that innovating has a cost, but it is worth it, otherwise you are no longer competitive and products no longer have a market.”
Ercole Bonini

Investing in innovation is, for our companies, the only way to remain competitive in the market and grow. However, companies do not always have available the necessary financial resources to afford these investments.

What is facilitated financing
It is a very valuable instrument for companies that wish to receive financial aid to support their Intellectual Property. Facilitated financing can be defined by area of interest or intervention.
Facilitated financing may come in the form of national or EU calls for funding proposals, but it can also be provided by Credit Institutions wishing to assist companies and, today, also by innovative financial instruments such as Minibonds, On-line Financing and Commercial Credit Advance Platforms.

Periodically, some facilitated financing opportunities are presented to the public through Calls for Funding Proposals, published on the appropriate sites, divided into measures and sub-measures, with the correlated recipients, the selection criteria, the size of the contribution, the disbursement procedure and other items that clearly define the nature of the financing.
Why facilitated financing should be requested
Because it is a way to highlight corporate investments tied to the development of Intellectual Property, which enhance the value of the company, making a portion of the liquidity invested previously return to the company.
In this way, moreover, the company boosts its competitiveness on the domestic and international market.

How to request it
The company must meet the requirements specified in the Call for Funding Proposal in question, or the assessment criteria of the other entities disbursing the loans, prepare all documentation necessary to prove its compliance and wait for the outcome of the request.

Where to request it
Either from the site of the Entity that disburses the loan, or from a Consultancy. In this way, it will be simpler to set up the procedure to be carried out, starting to find the necessary documentation.
In addition, there are ad hoc Firms that handle the presentation of the request, relieving companies of all mandatory bureaucratic steps.
Studio Bonini is able to refer its clients to some Consultancy that operate in this sector, evaluating with the Client the most suitable form for their needs.