Legal Assistance and licensing

Failure to consider the opportunities offered by licensing curbs the future development of a company, even to a severe extent: by eschewing the entry of fresh funds, which would require very little work, SMEs miss golden opportunities to grow, to become bigger and to reach significant dimensions, which is prevented by finance and by the failure to reach certain markets.
Ercole Bonini

For any legal support need, Studio Bonini is able to provide all the assistance necessary for the defence of exclusive rights on patents, designs, trademarks, copyright and know-how.
Assistance is also available in the case of third parties’ lawsuits against the client through collaboration with lawyers specialised in Industrial Property.

A patent should not be considered only as protection, but also an opportunity to let funds come into a company, as a result of sales of its own products, but also, and above all, as a result of taking a great opportunity for economic and financial growth fuelled by royalties.

The duty of the IP consultant is not merely to serve as a “notary” to make deposits or follow litigation, but also to propose to his/her customer the indispensable licensing option for important innovations and, if the client is interested, to work with his/her Correspondents in the Countries that could, in turn, have clients interested in developing new businesses.

In this regard, Studio Bonini also handles the drafting of licence agreements, and in general of agreements pertaining to industrial property rights.