A Country’s competitiveness does not start in its factories or research laboratories, but in its schools
Henry Ford

Studio Bonini provides companies with a training service directed at enabling technical or legal personnel to “design innovation” leveraging their knowledge of competitors’ patents available in online databases.

The training service is also directed at managing in a comprehensive and profitable manner the company’s portfolio of industrial property titles.

Training sessions can be:

  • of a general introductory nature, usually held at the premises of Studio Bonini and directed at transmitting the basic concepts and operations for a first approach to these matters. Normally, these sessions entail the administration of 3 modules of 4 hours each, with a week between modules, and the participation of several companies (up to 4) belonging to different sectors, to stimulate an interaction based also on the exchange of experiences (workshop).
  • of an advisory nature, normally carried out through meetings at the company, designed according to specific needs and based on the company’s objectives.


By way of example, we provide below a list of modules that can make up the training meetings:

  • Protecting innovation to valorise it
  • Industrial property: a guide for the company
  • Industrial property titles: in Italy, in Europe, in the World
  • Patents: strategy for extension abroad
  • Patents: understanding and analysis
  • Trademarks and Design: what to do and what not to do
  • Managing the portfolio of industrial property titles
  • Patent databases: monitoring the competition
  • Becoming an IP Manager
  • Civil and accounting aspects: The treatment of Intangible Assets and their capitalisation

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