Valorisation of intangible assets

Valorisation means not only marketing one’s products and publicising one’s trademark in a secure and incisive manner, but also knowing how to derive considerable tax advantages from it and being able to file financial statements capable of supporting competition in domestic and international markets.
Francesco Bonini

The corporate value, in defining a company as an organisation of technical and human resources, consists of physical elements, financial capital and intangible assets (the intellectual capital).

Knowing the value of an intangible asset is important for companies, for different reasons:

  • to licence or sell patents or trademarks to interested Italian or foreign companies
  • to express a value of the asset in itself as a balance sheet item, or to transfer the asset to a newly incorporated company

Thus, estimating the value of patents and/or trademarks with good approximation is very important and at times essential for the economic effects of a correct measurement.

Over time, businesses’ attention shifted from tangible to intangible assets, recognising a proven connection between the success of a business and the presence of intangible assets. The relevance of these assets has also been noted by civil and tax regulators, who have recently returned to proposing tax credit rules in favour of companies that make investments in research and development.
The latter tax relief measure is added to the one provided by the optional patent box treatment, in relation to the incurrence of research and development expenses directed at the development, maintenance and enhancement of intangible assets, regulated by Article 1, Paragraphs 34 to 45, of the same Law no. 190/2014.

As a result of the growing importance given to intangible assets in recent years in the scientific literature and in the field of economics, adequate methods have been identified for recognising and valorising these resources, both in order to provide stakeholders with appropriate information about companies’ results and to identify key value generation factors available to their managers

Studio Bonini is able to employ the most specific and best suited techniques for each case, in accordance with US calculation practices, to calculate the correct value of a patent or trademark. In addition, Studio Bonini, through its collaboration with experienced auditors, can assist companies in the valorisation of their intangible assets.