My first thought was to check whether the corporate trademark could be registered in that Country … So, I discovered that some ‘Mr. X’ had long ago registered the trademark and the logo of the company in question in his own name
Ercole Bonini

To protect your own patents, trademarks and designs against infringement after filing and/or registration, we recommend activating the watch service.

Activating the watch service enables clients to be advised of filings of trademarks that can potentially be confused with their own, allows a timely activation in defence of their own trademark both administratively, by filing oppositions, and out of court and/or in court, sending warnings and/or serving judicial documents.

In the case of trademarks and design, web monitoring supplements the checks and can identify unfair use of the trademark by infringers.

For patents, instead, it is useful to check the applications published in the name of competitors or in the company’s technological field, to see the direction in which the art is advancing and to avoid conflicts with others’ invention rights.