Tecnovideo: the simplest and most effective camera housings for cameras designed for hostile environments [VeneziePost – 07 July 2019]

Only a few people still believe not to be constantly observed by cameras which are placed all over: at the corner of intersections, nearby shops, in front of ATMs… therefore it is unlikely that who wants to carry out incorrect acts, forbidden by the law, can get away with it without being recognized.

It is also true that cameras are not only used to identify who is behaving incorrectly. There are an increasing number of cameras used in industrial environments to control production and to monitor the most difficult production phases.

Imagine for example the monitoring of steel casting, or the formulation of recipes using corrosive substances that produce highly aggressive fumes.

The marine environment where ships and vessels operate is characterized by saltiness that is renown to be highly corrosive.

Cameras are increasingly being installed in particular environments that are characterized by high temperatures, corrosive agents that are present in the areas where these are installed.

Here arises the particular need to protect the efficiency of the cameras integrated in these special enclosures, regarding both the materials and construction, in order to ensure a perfect sealing to prevent any entry of harmful substances.

By identifying this specific market need, Tecnovideo S.r.l. from Villaverla (VI), a company that was born just over 20 years ago, in 1999, has progressively specialized in the construction of these particular products until it became leader in the sector.

If it is true that the most effective remedy against corrosion and heat resistance is to use high quality stainless steel, it should not be taken for granted the construction technology of the enclosure that blocks the entry to any aggressive substances where the camera is located.

Tecnovideo achieves maximum safety for aggressive environments by creating enclosures with the minimum number of mechanical parts and, above all, with very special and high precision manufacturing processes. Inventive, constructive simplicity and precision characterize the realization of enclosures that require the use of a tubular body on which a plurality of “protruding rolls” are made inwards and outwards.

These rolling allow to obtain perfect circular housings, that are used firstly to lock the camera inside the enclosure with precision, then to position the front flange and the correlated front window using a gasket, housed on a recess obtained through the above-mentioned rolling process.

It is understandable that with this type of construction nothing can penetrate in the housing.

Similarly, this happens also for the rear flange of the housing which is then connected to the mounting elements of the ensemble.

Even the bottom flange presents similar features with circular grooves where suitable high-strength gaskets are located. Thus, the camera results perfectly sealed and impermeable to any hostile atmosphere.

We are aware that the simplest things are always the most difficult to engineer: we are all capable of carrying out complicated and expensive things. Only a few can achieve the essential retaining a perfect functionality!

It is the case of Tecnovideo that has patented its original system. The European patent research has confirmed that no one had adopted a solution for hostile environments “so simple and so revolutionary” like the one that was created by this company.