The patent is an essential instrument for preventing inventions from being copied and enabling them to be valued in financial terms.

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A trademark provides recognition to goods or services in an unequivocal manner throughout the world, and enables action to be taken against parties which use it unlawfully.

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& copyright

Designs protect innovative forms by guaranteeing recognition to creativity.

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legal assistance
& licences

Appropriate legal assistance is an essential factor in providing effective protection and the optimal exploitation of industrial property rights.

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Company profile


Studio Bonini is a service company which has been active in the industrial property sector in northern Italy since 1980. It offers comprehensive services relating to the protection of inventions and the valorization of innovation, including patent drafting, trademark filings, protection of designs and copyright, legal assistance and licences.

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“For a person like me, used to always looking forward, to the future, following the innovations of companies and participating in their business adventure in a certain way, it is quite difficult to go back in my mind and think back to the journey travelled in the past 30 years.”Ercole Bonini

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In order to protect patents, trademarks and designs after their filing and/or registration from potential infringements, it is advisable to activate a Watch Service. This service allows the client to become aware of the existence of the filing of confusingly similar trademarks.

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Studio Bonini offers to its clients a customized service addressed to technical or legal people who want to manage the IP portfolio in the best way in order to maximize the IP portfolio value.

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Exploitation of
Intangible Assets

If you know the value of your Intangible Assets, you can correctly offer intangible in the licensing market or you can evaluate the proper value of a IP assignement. Otherwise, you can correctly enter IP in the financial statements.

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This area is only for italian legal entities and individuals.

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