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Studio Bonini, a solid and qualified reality in the consulting and protection of intellectual property, based in Vicenza, has been a trusted reference for companies in Veneto as well as in a large part of Italy since 1980.

A leader in the IP sector thanks to a multidisciplinary approach placed at the service of companies, at Studio Bonini the concept of protection is not limited to the offer of a service but is oriented toward a real path of enhancement and innovation alongside specialized consultants ready to offer the most advanced and customized solutions.

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Valuing ideas is a profession, protecting them is our mission.


Patent protection and filing

Italian, European, international patent filing; filing of utility models in Italy and abroad.

Trademark protection and registration

Filing, prosecution, registration of Italian, European, international and foreign trademarks; prior art searches.

Copyright and copyright protection

Protection of "Copyright" which is recognized to intellectual works belonging to the arts: literature, music, drawing, theatre, photography

Model and design protection

Deposits of Italian, European and international designs and models.

Legal assistance & licensing

Assistance in the event of legal actions in defense of exclusive rights on patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights and know-how.

Calls for proposals and financial facilities

Search for grants and/or subsidized loans to support the development of IP projects, both locally and internationally.

We have consolidated a great deal of experience in a wide variety of product sectors

mechanical, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechatronics, IT/software, biotechnology, food, plastics, medical, wellness


The ability to respond to a wide variety of needs, with a portfolio of more than 4,500 companies from all commodity sectors and more than 26,000 IP projects implemented, has been our strength for forty years.

With more than 100 correspondents around the world, our wealth of experience in matters of intellectual property places us at the forefront as consultants for the protection and registration of patents and trademarks, models and designs, copyrights, legal and financial assistance, naming and domain names, and enhancement of intangible assets.

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