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Trademarks, patents, designs, and copyrights are pure value for the company or individual who owns them. That is why they must be defended and safeguarded. But to date, a multidisciplinary approach and constant updating on each subject is necessary to support companies in an ever-developing market.

The rapid growth of the markets in which start-ups and businesses operate can bring obstacles and pitfalls if there is no experienced advisor at their side to rely on and trust

Why rely on an expert?

Enforcing one’s right to exclusivity is an advantage that cannot be put on the back burner, since not only profits are at stake, but also the reputation of a company or brand. 

It is precisely the various advantages related to it that make the instrument of protection and safeguard not only a shield, but also a resource that can be exploited in many ways, particularly through licensing: the licensing contract is a great opportunity to be able to economically exploit Industrial Property rights while retaining ownership. Through licensing, the licensor still retains title but grants the licensee the right to exploit the company’s sales skills. To formalize this partnership, it is necessary to draw up a licensing agreement by relying on industry professionals and consultants who are experts in the field.

Licensing: the different types that the enterprise can acquire

LICENSING-OUT: licensing for the purpose of providing the enterprise with additional income, which is derived from the manufacture and sale to other companies of the products.

LICENSING-IN: the “leased” acquisition of an Industrial or Intellectual Property right. In this case, the enterprise externally acquires the knowledge that is fundamental to its business.

CROSS LICENSING: type of licensing in which the company already owns the knowledge but cannot use it in the company’s activities because the use is prevented by the existence of a third-party patent.


The strengthening and expansion of markets and the increasingly multifaceted business relationships, including and especially with partners or entities operating in other countries, makes it increasingly essential to be supported in the area of legal assistance by experienced and reliable lawyers and professionals.

Why rely on us?

0n more than 40 years of activity, we have had the opportunity to deal with numerous, even particular, aspects involving the use, licensing, or transfer of various industrial property titles. That is why we can advise you appropriately on every question that comes our way.

-Ercole Bonini-

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