“Naturally, as a trademark grows in appreciation and becomes widely accepted, especially among the most demanding and cultured customers, the need to protect it with appropriate registrations in several Countries also increases.”
E. Bonini

The term Trademark means a sign that can be represented graphically and able to identify products or services of a company from those of others.

It refers in particular to words, including the names of persons, drawings, letters, numerals, sounds, shape of a product or of its package, combinations or hues.

The path to follow for the protection of a trademark is:

  • clearance search,
  • filing,
  • registration,
  • watch and renewal

Aside from the definitions, a trademark is the representation of a company’s identity. Protecting a trademark means protecting all that the trademark entails: not just the perception of its reference customers, but also its ethics and the work of hundreds of people.

The rapport with the Intellectual Property consultant should not, therefore, start when a trademark is registered, but rather at the very time of its creation.

In any case, a good consultant must always make sure that a specific name, distinctive sign, graphic representation are IN FACT DISTINCTIVE and can compete on the market without being attacked.